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Leaked Passwords

Total Password can run a number of security checks across all your stored passwords.

It will identify and pinpoint any weak or old passwords you have, making it easy for you to identify which need changing using the Password Generator.

But best of all, the leak checker checks with a database of passwords that are known to be exposed online. For example, a super common one that will have been is ‘Password1’.

Using a previously leaked password exposes you to what are called brute force attacks, where hackers fire hundreds and thousands of known passwords at login forms to see if any stick.

Stored passwords and email addresses are checked against exposed passwords using "Have I been Pwned from Troy Hunt"

Total Password compares the list of encrypted hashes from Troy’s web page locally on your device to check if it contains the hash of the passwords.

If there is a match, you will be notified, and the password should be changed.