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How to Enable Real-Time Protection

Real-Time Protection runs in the background of your computer and scans any file that you have downloaded, used, or opened. Real-Time Protection checks for virus-like behavior and will stop any suspicious activities, notifying you and stopping any files or malicious processes that could be harmful to your computer.

As an upgraded user, you will have access to our Real-Time Protection feature.

To set up Real-Time Protection follow these instructions:

Open TotalAV

  • Open the TotalAV application on your Windows device
  • Click the TotalAV icon on the left-hand side.
  • Enable Real-Time-Protection

  • Click Real-Time Protection
  • Check if the toggle is set to Protection Enabled
  • When you first install TotalAV on Mac, you will need to set up Real-Time Protection. We have made this as simple as possible. To enable Real-Time Protection follow these instructions:

    Open TotalAV

    Open the TotalAV Application

  • Click Dashboard
  • Click Enable
  • Click Install
  • Open System Preferences
  • Allow Permissions

  • Click Open Security Preferences
  • Click the Lock Icon
  • Enter your Mac's Password
  • Click Unlock
  • Click Allow
  • Enable Real-Time Protection

    Go to the TotalAV Application

  • Click Next > Open System Preferences
  • Click TotalAV Real-Time Protection 5 - (you may need to scroll down to find the entry)
  • Click Complete Setup
  • The TotalAV iOS® app does not run an Antivirus.

    Instead it provides a handful of tools that help in maintaining the health of your iPhone or iPad.

    Due to Apple®'s tight stringent ecosystem, it is virtually impossible for programs and scripts to execute on iOS® unless they have been approved to work by Apple® themselves. They thoroughly check and ensure nothing malicious is occurring in apps during this process.

    More information

    Most users of iOS® devices do not need to worry about their iPhone or iPad getting a virus.

    The only real risk to iPhones and iPads is if the device is Jailbroken. By jailbreaking an iOS® device, a user is injecting code that circumvents the need for apps to be installed through the iOS® App Store. Thus apps from any source can be installed, and thus there is a risk of viruses.

    Real-Time Protection runs in the background of your Android device and will scan any new activity on your device. You will then be notified if a file or app is harmful or malicious.

    To turn on Real-Time Protection follow these instructions:

    • Open the TotalAV application

    • Tap the Real-Time Protection shield icon

    • Tap the Enable Real-Time toggle

    You will now have Real-Time Protection enabled.

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