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Setting Up App Lock

TotalAV's App Lock feature provides robust protection for your sensitive information by allowing you to lock specific apps behind a secure pin or pattern lock. This ensures that your confidential data remains inaccessible to unauthorised users, safeguarding your privacy from prying eyes. We highly recommend utilising this feature for the majority of your apps to ensure comprehensive security.

This feature is currently only available on Android devices.

You can enable App Lock on your device by following the steps below:

Open up the TotalAV application on your Android Device:

Make sure you are logged into your TotalAV application before proceeding

Opening App Lock:

Scroll along the security tab on the dashboard and Tap on App Lock:

Tap on Setup Now:

Processing of Your Data:

A window will pop up asking if you ‘Agree to the Processing of Your Data’, to continue, please Tap Agree.

Your data is secure with us, as we do not retain any of it. Our use of an accessibility service is solely to ensure the seamless operation of our App Lock feature within your applications. If you choose not to enable this service, simply Tap on Close.

Secure Lock Method Creation:

Create either a Pattern Lock or a PIN Lock to ensure your apps will be behind a secure lock mechanism.

App Lock is now partially enabled, continue following the steps below for full activation!

Sensitive App Locking:

For a sensitive app, we will be choosing the Photos app. Simply Tap on the grey check box and Tap on Lock Apps.

Tap on Go To Settings:

Accessibility Menu:

Tap on Installed Apps

Tap on TotalAV App Lock:

Turning on TotalAV App Lock:

Tap on the Toggle Button to turn on TotalAV App Lock

Tap Allow:

Return to TotalAV:

Close the settings menu and return to the TotalAV App to this window:

Should you wish to lock more than one application, simply Tap on the greyed out lock icon and the application will be locked behind your secure PIN / Pattern.

You have successfully enabled App Lock!

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