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Please see below how to adjust certain settings of features that App Lock provides.

This feature is currently only available on Android devices.

Open App Lock Settings

  • To change the App Lock Settings, Tap on the Cog icon in the bottom right of your screen:

  • Tap on App Lock:

  • Enter your PIN / Pattern to unlock App Lock Settings:

  • Welcome to the App Lock Settings Dashboard!

    Here you can do the following:

  • Change your lock method to either PIN or Pattern unlock
    • Do this by going to Lock Type and changing it to your preferred lock method.

  • Hide your Pattern Draw Path, to keep your Pattern lock secure.
    • Do this by Tapping the Toggle where it says 'Hide Pattern Draw Path'

  • Allow Fingerprint unlock for applications.
    • Allows your biometric to unlock applications instead of the traditional PIN / Pattern lock method

  • Changing your PIN or Pattern lock
    • To do this, simply Tap on Change PIN / Pattern

  • Changing when the app relocks behind your secure PIN/Pattern
    • After Exit - Exiting / Closing the Application.

    • After Screen Off - When your screen is either turned off or goes to sleep.

    • Custom Time - Input the amount of time the app should lock after unlocking it.

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