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Total Password Master Password Access

Your privacy is our top priority which is the main reason why we do not store your Master Password on our data servers so that we do not have any access to your account. Every password and every account is deeply encrypted.

  • Secured by AES-256 encryption

  • Saves you up to 52 hours of time per year

  • Secure Me feature – secure all your accounts on all devices with one simple click from any one of your devices, wipe your browser history remotely

What happens If I forget The Master Password

The Master Password is used to unlock all the content you saved in Total Password . For security reasons, it is not stored anywhere on our servers.

If you are unable to remember your password at all, we can reset your account. Important: this will cause all your data to be deleted. This is the only way to use Total Passwordagain with the same email address. Your Master Password should be 6 or more characters long. Be careful that your caps lock key is not active on your keyboard when you enter it.