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Dark Web Monitoring

When browsing the internet, many sites will ask you to create accounts or subscribe to their newsletters. While online sites protect this data, hackers and scammers will try their best to hack their databases to gain access to your sensitive data.

When online account passwords are exposed, cyber-criminals attempt to use these passwords on other websites. If they gain access, they know the victim is likely to use the same password across multiple websites - making them an easy target for identity theft.

In the year 2020, over 37 Billion records were exposed. A rise of over 141% over 2019.

At Total WebShield have created our Dark Web Monitoring feature. This is a feature that will let you look up if your email address has leaked, what website it has leaked from, and what information has leaked.

Within this article you will learn the following:

  • How to use dark web monitoring on Total WebShield
  • How to receive notifications if your email address has been leaked
  • What to do if my email has been breached

  • How To Use Dark Web Monitoring on Total WebShield

  • Open the Total WebShield Extension
  • Click Dark Web Monitoring
  • Enter your Email Address
  • Click Check Now
  • After this, you will be able to see:

    • Which site your details have been breached from

    • The date of the breach

    • The compromised data

    • A short description of the breach

    How To Receive Notifications If Your Email Address Has Been Leaked

  • Open the Total WebShield Extension
  • Click Dark Web Monitoring
  • Enter your Email Address
  • Click Monitor Email Account
  • What To Do If My Email Has Been Breached

    If you have seen that your account has been breached you should do the following:

  • Change Website Passwords
  • If you haven't changed a website password since the breach occurred, do it now. Make it unique and different from any other passwords you use.

    TIP: TotalAV Password Vault makes handling unique passwords a breeze Check out Password Vault
  • Change Re-Used Passwords
  • If a breach exposes a password, and that password is re-used across multiple logins, hackers could use it to access other online accounts you own.

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